Thursday, June 2, 2016

Transformation Thursday - Keep Pushing Yourself

I am a firm believer that if you stay in your comfort zone you will not continue to achieve and learn. That doesn't mean being comfortable is a bad thing but when you push yourself you can really see how far you can go. This is true with work, school, hobbies, fitness, whatever your passion is. I am stepping out of my comfort zone today to share a little bit about my fitness journey thus far.
When I started at the Cleveland Clinic is January 2009 I was encouraged to stay fit for insurance incentives. That got me moving and eating better. I maintained a healthy weight for years and at one point was in pretty good shape! Thanks to my fitness friends who kept me moving (Mindy, Ashley, Adrianna, and Carrie). I love that the Clinic encourages these healthy choices and this too has been another motivator of mine in addition to so many others. 

Well as life happens I lost track of those goals at the end of 2014 and into 2015 - as a result I packed on 30 lbs! Let me tell you at 5 ft and 3/4 inches that is a lot of weight and I felt like shit. I honestly just stopped caring about it all together. I reverted back to bad eating habits like those past 5 years were nothing. It is so easy to go back to old habits and thought of starting all over was exhausting! It took me almost a year to really say ok enough is enough Nik, put down the pasta! Get off your ass and do something. So in October 2015 I started joining these free clean eating groups with my coach Lindsay Coco. It was fun and I lost here and there but through the holidays I failed again. I have used Beachbody (BB) products in the past and have always had good results so when they launched the Master Hammer and Chisel program in January 2016 I jumped on it! Best choice I made in a while. Through the 60 day program I lost 8lbs and 8ish inches. 

I continued to stay in the challenge groups until April and I thought I need to step it up again because summer is coming and boating is not forgiving on the diet. I needed something to hold me accountable again. So I decided to become a BB coach. I really wanted to not only hold myself accountable but help others that have been in the same situation as me. I have steeped way outside of my comfort zone with posting workouts, looking like a fool but having fun altogether. Sooooo staying in that mindset I wanted to share my Transformation Thursday publicly which I have not done since I started this journey many months ago. 

I have lost 15 lbs and 9.75 inches. I didn't feel like that was a lot until I looked back at the pictures. If you want to jump on this journey with me, I would love to help you! This month BB is having some sales on the 21 Day Fix program which really is a great start! The 21 Day Fix Extreme for you more advanced peeps is also on sale. Feel free to PM me on Facebook, comment below or email me at  The June Challenge Group starts June 20th! 

***Side note my husband didn't even know he was working the clean eating program with me and he has lost 35 lbs since January.*** He quit the junk, eats clean for the most part, and has a job where he is pretty active. I even got him to eat a guacamole turkey burger, no bun last week! I am so proud of him!