Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nashville, TN Feb 2012

I started this blog after our trip to Nashville but I wanted to share our adventure. It was amazing and we would go back in a heart beat! We were able to visit with old friends and celebrate our friend Bill's 30th birthday! We experienced live music at every venue, great BBQ and landmarks through out the city. 
I recommend visiting Nashville for a group trip with friends or family!

Wonderful friends!

A visit to the Jack Daniels Distillery...some of the custom barrels they had displayed. 

Guide for JD Tour

We do not have a Harley yet but we still love them!

BBQ was pretty good. Their sauce is not in stores in CLE so we brought a couple home. 

Smoke n' word..amazzzing

That building is full of JD barrels...this tour is free and fun!

Best Bar in Nashville

Mostly local beers ...good bar located on the strip in Nashville.

Coyote Ugly....not what we all..not worth the cover charge 

Flying Saucer-Great food, drinks and of the locals' spots 

Would have been super cute...thanks Bill

The hubby and me! To think he almost missed out!

Me and Ren :)

The famous Tootsies

Only one wall at Tootsies of the musicians that have played there

Local place by Vanderbilt....nothing will surprise you here!