Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hillbilly Deluxe

Welcome new members! Just a little update, we finished up the summer at our friends' parents' cabin! Thank you again Jerry and Diana for letting us stay there. It was so peaceful and the perfect way to end the summer. We made some delicious food which I will share on the blog later this week...stay tuned.

Being surrounded by 25 acres of land with nothing to do but relax, ride ATVs, drink and have fun with friends was exactly what we needed. I came back from the weekend well rested and ready for the fall season. Of course we had to go to the air show as we do every year. My husband is a giant fan of will see this through out the year. Looking back on the summer we did quite a bit and only more to come this fall. 

Enjoy the pics from our hillybilly deluxe weekend!!

Our lovely dog Harley!!!

Hubby getting in some
target practice!