Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I swear it has been non stop since spring! The problem with living in Ohio is everyone tries to cram all their fun in 4 months when the weather is some what predictable. I love the seasons so I embrace our wonderful wishy washy weather. Lately it has been hot!!! Thank goodness I have two pools in walking distance from my house. The month of July has already had it's excitement and we are only the second week in.

The day before the holiday we celebrated my dad's 61st birthday at my in-laws. I was very fortunate to marry into such a wonderful family. I am pretty sure he teared up. As big and bad as he thinks he is...underneath he is all mush. The 4th of July was very relaxing we laid pool side with a few close friends for 8 and half hours! Could not have spent the day any better.

We tried something new this past weekend thanks to Wheel Pros! We went to the drag car races at Norwalk, Ohio and holy hotness. We must have picked the hottest day of the year. I am not complaining because I will enjoy this weather while it lasts. We finished up the weekend celebrating our god daughter's 8th birthday! Those kids know how to party in style!!! 

My nephew Lucas and I

S.I.L. and I

Nicole, Natalie and I

VIP Status-thanks again Wheel Pros
Wheel Pros/American Racing Trailer

Party like a rockstar!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Fun!!!

I have been seriously slacking this blog the last couple of months but only because I have not had a moment to myself. This summer has been amazing! So many friends from out of town have come to visit and great trips planned ahead. Let's pick up from where we left off-shall we :)

At the end of May the girls and I ran/walked the 5k for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Our team raised over $1,100. The Rack Pack had another successful year!

We started the summer off in Put in Bay, Ohio! My husband went on a helicopter ride and we toured the island. Doing as many different things as possible. 

June was packed full of visitors, pool parties and boating!! 

July has only began-first on the list was a day at the races in Norwalk, Ohio! 

I can honestly say my husband and I are truly blessed with a fantastic family, amazing friends and life that is always full of excitement!


Miss Mindy took 3rd place-if there were rankings lol

Off to Bar Louie to celebrate!

Summer Fun at the islands!!!

You only get friends like these once in a life time!

Strawberry shots-the idea is from Kelly's island  
but we brought them to PIB

Family pics for mother's day!

Random night out with hubby on the bike!

Chad was in town for the weekend! Old crew back at it!
We have all been friends for over 13 years! Never skip a beat! 

*The Davis' vacation to Cleveland, Ohio*

 Had a bit of a grilling problem the first night  
Brandon and Jason-brothers from another mother

Trip to Little Italy with the Davis' 

Catching up on old times and new beginnings

Ending the month of June with a barge party and 
saying good bye to the Emerald Cut