Thursday, June 2, 2016

Transformation Thursday - Keep Pushing Yourself

I am a firm believer that if you stay in your comfort zone you will not continue to achieve and learn. That doesn't mean being comfortable is a bad thing but when you push yourself you can really see how far you can go. This is true with work, school, hobbies, fitness, whatever your passion is. I am stepping out of my comfort zone today to share a little bit about my fitness journey thus far.
When I started at the Cleveland Clinic is January 2009 I was encouraged to stay fit for insurance incentives. That got me moving and eating better. I maintained a healthy weight for years and at one point was in pretty good shape! Thanks to my fitness friends who kept me moving (Mindy, Ashley, Adrianna, and Carrie). I love that the Clinic encourages these healthy choices and this too has been another motivator of mine in addition to so many others. 

Well as life happens I lost track of those goals at the end of 2014 and into 2015 - as a result I packed on 30 lbs! Let me tell you at 5 ft and 3/4 inches that is a lot of weight and I felt like shit. I honestly just stopped caring about it all together. I reverted back to bad eating habits like those past 5 years were nothing. It is so easy to go back to old habits and thought of starting all over was exhausting! It took me almost a year to really say ok enough is enough Nik, put down the pasta! Get off your ass and do something. So in October 2015 I started joining these free clean eating groups with my coach Lindsay Coco. It was fun and I lost here and there but through the holidays I failed again. I have used Beachbody (BB) products in the past and have always had good results so when they launched the Master Hammer and Chisel program in January 2016 I jumped on it! Best choice I made in a while. Through the 60 day program I lost 8lbs and 8ish inches. 

I continued to stay in the challenge groups until April and I thought I need to step it up again because summer is coming and boating is not forgiving on the diet. I needed something to hold me accountable again. So I decided to become a BB coach. I really wanted to not only hold myself accountable but help others that have been in the same situation as me. I have steeped way outside of my comfort zone with posting workouts, looking like a fool but having fun altogether. Sooooo staying in that mindset I wanted to share my Transformation Thursday publicly which I have not done since I started this journey many months ago. 

I have lost 15 lbs and 9.75 inches. I didn't feel like that was a lot until I looked back at the pictures. If you want to jump on this journey with me, I would love to help you! This month BB is having some sales on the 21 Day Fix program which really is a great start! The 21 Day Fix Extreme for you more advanced peeps is also on sale. Feel free to PM me on Facebook, comment below or email me at  The June Challenge Group starts June 20th! 

***Side note my husband didn't even know he was working the clean eating program with me and he has lost 35 lbs since January.*** He quit the junk, eats clean for the most part, and has a job where he is pretty active. I even got him to eat a guacamole turkey burger, no bun last week! I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fit Into Summer- May Challenge Group

I have a few spots left in the challenge group and I would love to have some of my FB friends join in the fun! Bathing suit season is just around the corner, and I have the best way for YOU to feel great before slipping into that suit with my Fit into Summer May Challenge Group!

I happened to stumble across one of these opportunities at the end of 2015 and start of 2016. I learned how to transform my life for the better! I have used the Beachbody Products for years but I recently came back to them and I am so glad I made that choice.

I have not only got my health and fitness in check but I have also met some amazing people that offer a positive environment and personal growth and development. It is important to be healthy both inside and out. I now have the best strategy to help you create the best version of you with a simple at-home effective fitness program that includes a flexible dialed in portion controlled nutrition plan, all while taking part in our super FUN & SUPPORTIVE private community of like-minded people!

No time to work out?
No babysitter?
No gym nearby?
No support or accountability?
No clue where to start?

If you are ready to change your habits and create the absolute happiest and best version of yourself, comment on my Facebook post, email me at or send me a PM!

Like I said, I only have a few spots left and we start Monday 5/16! I’d LOVE to help you feel sexy & confident by Summer!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Free Clean Eating Group

As you may or may not have noticed or heard, I have decided to take a huge leap and step it up in my health and fitness journey. It was a little difficult to start, not knowing what to eat, how much to eat, what is "clean" and what's actually healthy and good for me. I know others may be in that same position so I wanted to run a FREE no obligation, 7 day clean eating challenge group.

I'll provide a 7 day meal plan, recipes, and a shopping list. Including kid friendly meals! So all the guess work will be taken out of it, you'll just have to shop, cook, and enjoy! The group that I partook in lost on average 35lbs and 14 inches off of their love handles! It was amazing, so I want to share that with anyone else looking to start their journey! We can do it together :)

The group will begin on Monday, May 9, 2016. If you'd like to join this group (100% free) then comment below "I'm in" and I will message you more details. I cannot wait to get started!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Happy Happy Happy -Duck Commander

 every morning, every day.

Hello all,

The Duck Commander (Phil, Duck Dynasty) is known for his saying of "happy happy happy happy"(not sure how many happies are in there). He says it even when the situation is clearly not a desirable one. I believe by approaching life with this type of positive attitude you get more out of it. I had someone say to be the other day, your life looks like one big vacation. I had to laugh because a couple years ago I would have said are you kidding me! Today I see it because it is how I look at life. By the grace of God and hard work we are able to have lots of happiness and love in our lives.

As you know I started the #100dayshappy challenge back in spring. I am happy to report that I finished my challenge last week. Day 100 happen to fall on our god daughter's birthday. She is very important to us and we love her dearly so it was perfect! I completed 93 days of happy out of 100. Not to bad, it was hard a first to find something each day because somethings were trivial. Then I remembered the little things matter too, and sometimes they matter more. I have noticed a positive change in our home as well as in my attitude. Listen, I am not saying we are any means...but I do believe you get what you put into things. If you continue to feel sorry for yourself, look at what others have, or are just a negative Nancy attitude you are wasting your time on this earth. If you are that person, I say to you,...get it is too short. 

This challenge has assisted a positive change for me so I plan to keep the challenge going....#365dayshappy...why not? The way I look at it at the end of the year I will have a wonderful photo album to look at. 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Round II #21dayfix Results: Inches matter

Hi friends, 

As promised I said I would report on my second round results for #21dayfix. Today's blog will talk about the changes I have gone through from the beginning of the year until now.  I started this healthy living journey about 6 years ago when I started working at the Cleveland Clinic. I have learned so much about fitness and clean eating through this experience. )There are other areas I need to improve upon but one day at a time). Regarding fitness I have gone up and down in weight throughout my entire life. My goal is to be comfortable in what I wear and how I feel about myself. If I don't have that, it is time to make changes. I am hoping this new program will stop the constant roller coaster ride I have been on since puberty. So far it is looking good!

So true!!

I did my measurements this morning for the second round of #21dayfix. I lost 3.75 inches overall. I was on point with my workouts, except for the week I was sick. My nutrition was average, at best. If I was following the meal plan more efficiently I would have much better results. You get what you put into it, bottom line. Below are the results from first round to second round and the total inches I have lost since March....when I started Shakeology and #21dayfix.


Inches lost from First Round to Second Round:

Waist: lost 1.5 inches
Hips: lost 1 inch
Thighs: lost 1.5 inches
Arms: gained .25 inches (muscle gain)

Inches lost from March 2014 to June 2014
Waist: lost 2 inches
Hips: lost 4 inches
Thighs: lost 2 inches
Arms: gained .25 inches (muscle gain)
Bust: lost 2 inches 

Overall, since March, I have lost 9.75 inches overall. I am not quite ready to post my before and after pictures. When I have lost a few more inches I may be able to have the guts to do so. If you are interested in the program, I am here to help. Comment below. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fennell Summer Bucket List

Hi friends, 

My wonderful friend Mindy gave me the idea to start a summer bucket list, although we already accomplished some of our items, I thought...why not share and do this for other seasons. This idea would be great for the winter. Seeing as how winter was 8 months this year of indoor activities last year, this year's could get interesting to say the least. 

1. Drive In Movie
2. Camp (Done)

3. Go to Put In Pay (Done)

4. Go to Kelly's Island (Done)

5. Boat to new areas near Sandusky
6. Get a tan (Done)
7. See a Meteor Shower (attempted and failed-we fell asleep)
8. Go Fishing
9. Cookout once a week (So far so good)
10. Zipline 
11. Go to a concert (See you in August Luke Bryan)
12. Go to Cedar Point
13. Go Hiking 
14. Go to a Carnival 
15. Lay on Beach
16. Run a 10K
17. Go golfing
18. Have a bonefire (Done)
19. Go to an Indians game (attempted and it was cancelled..try again)
20. Messy Twister - play with paint/colored shaving cream on the dots
21. Remake Old Photos - do your best impersonation of your old self or with friends or family
22. Art Museum
23. Botanical Gardens
24. Go to Oak Barrel
25. Finish up some of my crafts
26. Sell our house
27. Float on a raft allllll day (Done)
28. Girls Night/Weekend (Done)
29. Read two books (almost there)
30. Attempt Hot Yoga
31. Complete all the workouts for 21 day fix in 7 days

32. Make a smore (Done)

33. Complete ab challenge
34. Go to Marblehead Lighthouse

35. Barge Party
What is on your summer bucket list!! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Easy Healthy Chicken Recipes: Works with 21 Day Fix

21 day fix is going well. The weekend was a little rough but I was able to get my workouts in and I have lost a few inches throughout. I will post the final results at the end of the 21 days. 

I wanted to share some recipes I have tried out that are pretty good. I am not a fan of chicken but I know it is good for me sooooo I am trying to find inventful ways of cooking it. 

Spicy Hawaiian Chicken Burgers

I got the recipe from a blog called The Girl Who Eats Everything.  I made this a little more healthy and 21 day fix approved by using a wheat bun, adding hot sauce to the burgers (just a couple dashes), and cutting the portion to meet the required amounts for the program. The recipe offered good flavor and the burgers stayed together without breadcrumbs or eggs. The link is below for the full recipe.

Miles Framers Market Chicken

Ok, this is the easiest recipe ever! A friend of mine made this one night. My husband and I both loved it. I tried to do the same and it didn't taste right...I said what am I doing wrong? She said the secret is to get the chicken from Miles Framers Market (Solon, OH)! Holy crap  she was right! We have been doing this most of the summer as it is easy and both my husband and I love it. You can get any chicken from Miles. I have done this with chicken breasts, bone in chicken, whatever...just season with sea salt/kosher salt (just a little), pepper (add to taste) and fresh lemon juice (one whole lemon). Grill it or bake it at 350*F for 45 minutes. So juicy and delicious! I don't think it needs any sauce but sometimes if we want a little extra flavor Jason, my husband, uses Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce or our homemade sauce, for 21 day fix I use hot sauce, again just a couple of dashes. 

Enjoy! More to come in the following weeks.