Monday, August 20, 2012

Traveling Fennells

Slacking on my blog again. I don't think I have ever had this much fun in one summer. I feel like the older I get the better life is.

July was go go go for us and only picked up more towards the end. We took an 8 day vaca with 4 of our close friends to Key West. What an experience!!!  We swam with wild dolphins, caught lobsters on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, partied hard on Duval Street and toodled out on the ocean.

10 Tips when traveling to Key West:

1. Know a family member or friend down there. It is not the same experience without one. We were able to meet the locals and see Key West in a way most don't. We meet a wonderful Cajun couple that were born and raised in Key West. They taught us how to catch lobster, a few Cajun words and made an incredible meal for all of us.

2. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Between the sun, salt water and partying remember to drink lots of water. We went through a case a day. 

3. SPF 50 will be your best friend. If you think you are tan and don't need it. You are WRONG! Don't worry you will still get a tan. Bring a good moisturizer. The salt water dries out your skin. 

4. No high is pointless. Just flip flops, sun dresses, shorts and tanks. For guys, t-shirts and shorts. 

5. You will only need a carry on when traveling there. Save yourself on the baggage fees.

6. Best restaurants and bars: Jack Flats, Margaritaville, Cowboy Bill's, Green Parrot Bar and Willie T's. There are a ton more places to go. I suggest doing the bar crawl. Start at one end and work your way down. Go to Hogsbreath and Sloppy Joe's just say you went. 

7. Try something new!! 

8. $5 stores are great for souvenirs 

9. Southernmost Point is worth it for the pics. 

10. Fly direct into Key West if possible. We did this and it was a great! Try to buy your flights in March. This is when you will get the best pricing. 

Boating out to the sand bar-first day out!

caught a lobster-YOLO
This was the first one. I had to throw him back.
He was a little guy

We caught 47 lobsters. That was only day 1 of mini season!
Amazing dinner cooked by Jerry and D

Traveling Feldmans and Fennells
Partying on Duvall with Mags!

Swimming with the wild dolphins.
What an experience!
Finished the trip up with a little relaxation :)

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