Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spot of the Week: Sand Bar/Blue Marlin in PIB (Christmas in July)

This summer has been so much fun my blogging has been left unattended. While chatting with a friend yesterday it made me want to start back up again. This time with a variety of information and things to look forward to through out the week. So I am kicking it off with Wednesday's Spot of Week, ranging from places in CLE and spots we have been to in our travels. First up Christmas in July 00000013!!

Christmas in July is this weekend and the spot to be is PIB! We have been up to the islands twice this year and I have found the best hang out in the July heat is the swim up bars! Be watchful of the ones who have not left the pool for hours :)

Although we enjoy PIB Resort/Blue Marlin it can get packed and a tad crazy. I guess it depends what atmosphere you are looking for. If you want a younger crowd with a great DJ (A-Dubb-my husband's hero) and cheap pitchers head to PIB resort. The swim up bar is called Blue Marlin but it is the same location. Helpful Hint: If you forgot towels just pick a room number, for example 203, and you will get free towels. The bar is fun and worth checking out. DJ A-Dubb also has competitions throughout the day that are pretty entertaining. Such as best belly flop, dance contest, booty shaking, etc. With the amount of booze people are drinking it makes for an interesting people watching session. 

The other spot that is a little more low key but just as fun is Sand Bar, they have a huge swim up bar and poll with water volleyball, a sandy volleyball court, cornhole, tiki bar, and full arcade. Plenty to do for all ages. They do allow kids in there during the day and they charge for the kidos since they are not drinking. I believe it is a $5-$10 cover. The only down side to this place is the DJ....they need someone in there with real equipment and people skills. I like that they do a throwback 90's tribute but it is good to mix it up. The drinks are great but bring cash, this goes for most PIB bars. The bartenders are not so organized when giving you your check.....and I am putting this nicely. 

Have a safe and happy Christmas in July!!!! Hope to see you at the BAY!!!!

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