Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012-The Year of Change-

Happy New Year!!! I took a break during the holiday season but I wanted to get right back into the blogging for the new year. Last year I started setting goals for myself. Not so much resolutions but ways I wanted to change my life. 

I wanted to become stronger spiritually, mentally and physically. I kept the goals broad to see what I could accomplish, and I have to say it was a successful 2012.

Spiritually, I started going back to church a year prior to 2012 but I wanted to increase my knowledge in the Word, get more involved and change my thinking. To my surprise I wasn't the only one. In February a few of my friends and I started a bible study and it has been going strong ever since. We have welcomed new members along the way. Side note is that I have been friends with these ladies for 2-6 years. We started talking and realized we may not all be the same denomination but we all wanted to learn more. Our bible study has raised money for families in need during the holiday season both in our area and internationally. We have donated to families with children in the hospital that are part of the Ronald McDonald house. It amazes me every time I think about how blessed we are to be able to help others and each other. The bible study was not my only spiritual strength I learned this year, it was one of many. The one that has been a testimony to myself and my husband is our finances. I wasn't planning on sharing this but if it helps someone else....why not? I gave our finances to God about a year ago. As a result we have seen Grace, favor and prosperity in every area of our life. 

We had gotten ourselves into a substantial amount of debt. In less than 2 years it is almost gone. Mostly due to the blessings from this year. In a few short months we will be debt free. This is just one example of many. Our house payment has been lowered to a third of what it was before.We have had debt free vacations and another debt free Christmas. We are truly blessed and I could not thank God enough. 

Mentally, I have changed my way of thinking...staying more positive and forgiving others. I also started taking business classes. Ohh and I start Grad School next week!!! We decided to travel more with friends and family. We went to Nashville, Morgantown, Key West, Gatlinburg and Pittsburgh. Lots more to come in the new year. 

Physically, I don't set goal weights anymore. My work requires a certain BMI but I noticed when I focused more on that it was harder for me to lose the weight. This year I wanted to become stronger, healthier and more fit. I learned about clean eating and we are working on complete clean eating for both of us. I pushed myself with weight lifting and running the end result is a 10 lb weight loss in 2012. I weighed myself today to confirm!!! should I have lost more? Well sure but I also had a lot of fun and travel this year lol. 

For 2013 I am magnifying my goals from 2012. I plan to grow more spiritually, straight A' s for my MBA program, travel to three new places, run a half marathon and sign up for warrior dash. Stay tuned to see how the journey goes :). 

Love you all and may you have a blessed new year!!!

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