Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Happy Happy Happy -Duck Commander

 every morning, every day.

Hello all,

The Duck Commander (Phil, Duck Dynasty) is known for his saying of "happy happy happy happy"(not sure how many happies are in there). He says it even when the situation is clearly not a desirable one. I believe by approaching life with this type of positive attitude you get more out of it. I had someone say to be the other day, your life looks like one big vacation. I had to laugh because a couple years ago I would have said are you kidding me! Today I see it because it is how I look at life. By the grace of God and hard work we are able to have lots of happiness and love in our lives.

As you know I started the #100dayshappy challenge back in spring. I am happy to report that I finished my challenge last week. Day 100 happen to fall on our god daughter's birthday. She is very important to us and we love her dearly so it was perfect! I completed 93 days of happy out of 100. Not to bad, it was hard a first to find something each day because somethings were trivial. Then I remembered the little things matter too, and sometimes they matter more. I have noticed a positive change in our home as well as in my attitude. Listen, I am not saying we are perfect...by any means...but I do believe you get what you put into things. If you continue to feel sorry for yourself, look at what others have, or are just a negative Nancy attitude you are wasting your time on this earth. If you are that person, I say to you,...get it together...life is too short. 

This challenge has assisted a positive change for me so I plan to keep the challenge going....#365dayshappy...why not? The way I look at it at the end of the year I will have a wonderful photo album to look at.