Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CLE spot of the week: West Side Market

West Side Market

The best part of this blog is it is about living life to the fullest. Believe it or not there are people out there that live in Northeast Ohio and no nothing about it. 

The city of Cleveland is usually one that gets a bad reputation. The city has a lot to offer-great restaurants, local markets, art walks, local runs, sporting events (I know I know even if our team is not that great it is still fun), museums, historical venues and much more. 

I hope to showcase that for you every week with a new place to check out in CLE and places throughout Ohio.  

First up the West Side Market. I usually shop here every week. Here are some tips for shopping at the market and a few of my favorite vendors. 

Tips and Timing:
The market gets packed by 10am on Saturdays no matter what the weather is like. It will not slow down until after 2pm. If you want good deals go around 4pm. The vendors are trying to get rid of their products by the end of the day. Otherwise I recommend going in the morning prior to the rush. Total there are three lots you can park in. If you go at noon you are going to park on the street. 

Top Vendors:
When walking in from the main parking lot the top two vendors for produce are located right when you walk in. The first one is located on the left aisle. They will be your first vendor on the right. Everything is local and organic. Their herbs are $1 each and fresh, you can not beat that! 

If you go straight (a little to the right) the first vendor on your left has excellent pricing and local produce. Make sure no matter what stand you go to check what you are buying first. Once they get to know you they will hook you up with great deals. 
Gyro Stand
Get there before noon. I would try for 11am. I recommend trying these Gyros at least once! It is worth the early lunch. I have not been here since I moved out of Tremont but the line is always long. I assume they are just as good!

Smoothie Stand
A little on the expensive side but it is a tasty treat! All fresh and local fruits. Note:It has the ability to rejuvenate any fun you had the night before :) 

Popcorn Stand 
Over 20 flavors to choose from. Free popcorn samples (to see which one you like of course). 

There are more vendors to choose from and you will get to know your way around after a couple of visits. If you are familiar with the market share who your favorite vendor is! 

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