Monday, August 5, 2013

Move it Monday: Challenge Yourself

Health tip:  Drink 1oz of water for every 2lbs you weigh, daily. 

To I ask you to challenge yourself. Summer is coming to an end and that doesn't mean you have to put on the winter weight. This month I have 3 fitness challenges I am going to set for myself. I encourage you to do the same and we can share stories in the below comment section. First up a 30 day squat challenge, next taking stairs instead of elevators, and three start my new fitness/health challenge with a group of friends. 

Challenge one:

This butt needs a lift and squats is the best exercise (in my opinion) that tones and gets rid of cellulite. To speed up the process of cellulite removal invest in creams like Nivea firming lotion and gel. Every Monday I will report an update on how the challenges are going. If anyone would like to do this with me please comment below...Good Luck!! 

Challenge Two: Take the Stairs...walk it out! I have done this in the past and it truly works, great results when paired with other challenges. 

Challenge Three: 

Start and maintain fitness/health challenge with friends. I will post monthly pictures to hold myself accountable and post what workouts and eating habits I am taking in case you want to join in on the journey. First pics will be before (today) and after (end of August). 


  1. Love it! I may just join you in the squat challenge as well :) are these supposed to be body weight or weighted? i'm assuming body weight since we'll be at 250 by the end of the month but just want to make sure i'm doing it right!

  2. Yes this is all body weight. Maybe next month when we are stronger we can introduce 5lb weights. For next month I was thinking of the plank challenge paired with a couple more an challenges. Like crunches and wall sits.

  3. Great idea! I too will join you in the squat challenge!

    1. Idk who this is but great!!! The more the merrier!!

  4. Ok, first 50 done along with a 2mile run

  5. Yaa Lisa!! Can't wait to see how everyone did at the end of the week!!