Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spot of the Week: Geneva on the Lake

How is everyone's squat challenge going? Day 3: 60 squats! I have to do 60 today and another 35 to make up from yesterday. I did not complete the set yesterday. As far as the stair was more productive when I parked on the 8th floor of a parking garage, but being on a surface lot I am only getting about 3-6 flights a day. Better than nothing, right?? Keep up the good work everyone! 

Geneva on the Lake! OMG what a great time I had this past weekend at my friend Bri's bachelorette party! We did the wine tour that is featured through the Lodge. There were 17 of us, not the tour has to be paid in advance (18.00). The tour only includes your rides to and from the wineries. Trust me you want to the DD, these places are paced pretty far apart. We didn't realize the Lodge (pick up location) was about 2 miles from the cottage we were staying at. With a little bit of charm we were able to have the drivers pick us up at the cottage, and with a little bit of tip money we were able to pretty much do whatever we wanted! We had a few pit stops along the way and the drivers were more than accommodating...two thumbs up for the Lodge Tour costumer service. We went to 3 wineries Chalet Debonne & Cellar Rats Brewery, South River Vineyard, and Winery on Spring Hill. 

First up Chalet Debonne & Cellar Rats Brewery: great view, limited selection of wines, and they offer food. They also have a brewery so if you want to bring your man and he is not a fan of wine, this would be a good place to start. I recommend starting here so you can grab a bit to eat before attempting the rest of the wineries. The wines were not my favorite here but the service was great and the size of the winery was nice, you didn't feel cramped and overall nice experience. 

Second, South River Vineyard: by far my favorite!! It is an old church turned into a winery. They have plenty of space and the views are breath taking. I wish we had more time at this least to see the sunset. They offer snacks at a reasonable price and the wines are very tasty! I will defiantly be going back. 

Third and final before we hit the strip (another tale for another time): Winery at Spring Hill: Live music, excellent service and tentative bar staff. They were a trip and defiantly made the bachelorette party feel welcome! This is where we completed most of our dare cards (bachelorette party game) and it was a blast!! The wines were good, I would not say it was an excellent selection but I did enjoy them and will be going back.   


  1. south river for sure was my favorite!

  2. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! We will have to go!

  3. Def I must return place. Would love to go back at the next available weekend.

  4. South River is my favorite too!