Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Tips: How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette Party

With wedding season in full effect this may help some of you. Tuesday Tips will be about how to throw a successful bachelorette party. A little background on how a became an "expert" in this area was by having amazing friends and family that wanted me to be part of their special day. I keep all my bridesmaid dresses and I think I have a total of 15 dresses which I know is not much in comparison to some of you who should have stared in 27 dresses....but if you know me you know I love to plan any event and if I could be an event planner full time I would!!! Anyways the year of 2010 put my planning skills to the test when 3 of my closest friends got married in the same year and I was honored to be each one of theirs matron of honor. I had to be creative and make each one perfect for them while maintaining a budget so I picked up a book called The Bridesmaid Guide. This prior to Pinterest and it seemed all the online stuff was the same I had seen at every bachelorette party. The book offers great ideas and something you use as a base of planning.

Before you get to that first things first:

1. Get a guest list from the bride with phone numbers, emails, and addresses. The more information the better.

2. Ask the bride what she wants. Some don't care, others have it planned to a T. 

3. Send a save that date out via Facebook, email, and text. I have found this is effective for any person. I usually send this out 6-8 months in advanced. Most of these parties are in the summer so people are busy and you want to make sure the bride has all her friends and family there.

4. Start your planning so you can find the deals. I like to do a theme party depending on the girl, sometimes you can mix themes. I included some pics that maybe helpful in your planning. I will showcase some of them down the road. I have done others but these were defiantly more themed. 

5. Don't be afraid to ask other bridesmaids and guests to pitch in. I usually ask every to throw in 20 bucks towards the brides evening. It includes her stay at the hotel or house wherever you decide to stay, dinner for her and drinks, snacks for all, and any left over money should be used on the bride and her guests, i.e. rounds of shots.  

Scrapbook and Camo Goodie Bags for the Guests
(included late night snacks, water and advil)
A little spa treatment before hitting the town...check out your local vendors for free services.
Side note people should buy a little something for the person coming out.

Up close of the drink menus
Sex in the City themed party with drink menus

Each bride has a scrapbook made by
her nearest and dearest friends and family

All girls in black and Bride showcased in white, makes for fun pics


  1. thanks for suggesting the bride to give you the guest list with addresses, emails and phone #. that will helpful for planning sarah's!

  2. Your welcome, I will be posting detailed themed parties throughout the year that have been successful and tips for wedding showers and other events.

  3. It's great that you shared such wonderful tips to plan pre wedding parties. I am planning to arrange a birthday party for my friend at one of the stunning Venues in NYC next month. Thinking to order a handbag online. Will go for handmade invitations and cake to make her feel special.