Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Push Yourself!

Hello everyone and welcome if you are new to reading my blog. I took a little few days off from blogging. I started my MBA program in January of this year and between work, school, our social and family life, I needed a breather. I can't complain as my weekends are always packed and full of fun! It makes for a busy busy schedule. I have to thank my husband for being amazing! He is helping me out around the house and making my life easier and less stressful! Thanks babe! Sooo...time to get back on track, today will be my Wellness Blog since I missed it on Monday.

How is everyone doing on their squat, stair or fitness challenge? A little update on my end: I am two days behind on the squat challenge. I have 200 squats to catch up on and I am hoping to be caught by Friday. The stair challenge is going well. I have only used the elevator a couple times at work since August 5. My fitness challenge is going good. I have portioned out my meals and stayed...mostly on track. The weekends make it hard but I noticed a few changes and even got a "looking good" from a friend. When other people notice, you know it is working. Sometimes we are so use to seeing ourselves everyday we don't notice the change. With that being said here is to Wellness Wednesday :)

I will be running a relay marathon with the Smith Sisters this September, if you don't know them you will learn more about them through this journal. Due to my new found love for boating my training for this marathon has been...weak! Angela, the eldest sister, decided we all needed some training and got us motivated on running a 5k every Thursday in August through the Bill Heideman Cross Country Series 2013. All the runs are trail runs and really test your skills. Well I did not do so well 36:35 on a 5K trail run. Not the best timing for me, so it motivated me to start a running program from now until the marathon. I tested it this morning and only did 2 miles because I had to go to work. I will need to allow more time in the morning to reach the 5 mile run level I will be completing at the event.

I decided to do interval training. I can already run but need to pick it up and extend my time with running straight through. Right now I am running 10 minutes walk 2 minutes (week 9). I have included a chart for those who are learning to run or want to extend their time. Just remember you can push your body farther than your mind. 

Beginning runner training plan

The feeling of accomplishment from achieving this kind of fitness is indescribable...well at least for me it is. I did not start becoming health conscience until I started working at the clinic. Wellness is part of the package there, and really no way around it. Some people complain but in the last 5 years I have never felt better.

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