Tuesday, June 10, 2014

21 Day Fix-Round II

Hi friends, 

Long time no talk, hopefully with my schedule calming down over the summer I will have more time to blog!

Well my fitness journey has been good so far since January. I have lost a total of 10lbs and 5 inches, slowly...it started to speed up when I completed the 21 day fix and started Shakeology. I didn't take before and after pics for the first round but I plan to for this round. I want to reach my second fitness goal but it seems to be getting harder and harder, especially with summer here.  So in order to keep myself accountable I will be blogging this experience. 

Day 1 was yesterday, I finished up under my calorie intake but I didn't have time to workout. I have Zumba today for a charity event so that will be using that as my cardio. I am being more strict with the diet this time around and improvising the workouts based on my schedule. The idea is to get 6 workouts in a week. I am hoping to end the night with upper fix (part of 21 day fix). If anyone would like to take this challenge with me that already has 21 day fix or wants to buy it please comment below. Also iPhones have an app to count your portions for $1.99 and droids have 3 different ones for free.

I plan to share some of the meals I prep, and workouts or supplement workouts throughout the 21 days. My 21 days are up on June 29. Today I am sharing weight charts, these are a little better than just BMI. Weight doesn't always matter when you are completely toned, so you don't have to use the weight charts or scales, you can do measurements too. I will be doing both. Honestly I prefer measurements because I don't care what the scale says it matters if I am getting fit and staying healthy. So this is your call on how you want to measure your changes but you should use at least one of them. See weight charts below on where you should be. This will help you set your fitness goals. 

*These images are courtesy of my beach body coach-Lena Hayes

First measure your frame....

Second match your frame with your height...that's your goal 

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