Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brick House Tavern

Brickhouse Tavern is a great place to watch sporting events or to just go for a place to eat. The set up is unique and I think that is what I love most. Very relaxing and great for any sporting event! I wish could come here for the NFL draft today but we are going to a place closer to us. I will defiantly be coming here for a BROWNS away game. They have an area with couches and TVs. You can reserve ahead of time or have a seat if available with mo notice. This would be great for a birthday party as well. The service and food were great. Some drinks to try are the bees knees. It is sweet so I would only recommend one or two. The other for a longer duration...such as a football game or draft lol. It is a long tube of beer that can easily be split between 4-5 people. If you have not checked this place out...I highly recommend you do!!!!

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